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Marihuana Defense: Medical and Non-medical

A full-service Marihuana Defense and Criminal Defense law firm - Josh Jones has your back when you are faced with legal troubles involving marihuana or any other criminal charge.

The law on marihuana has been rapidly changing in Michigan and in other parts of the United States. Because of these changes there are potentially more defenses available to those individuals caught smoking, possessing, delivering or manufacturing marihuana. However, it is essential to remember that only in a VERY few instances and circumstances is it legal, which generally applies individuals with a medical marihuana card, at least here in Michigan.

Therefore, if you have questions, such as the ones below, involving marihuana, whether it is medical or non-medical, you should contact Josh Jones today.

  • Did you know that some cities or municipalities in Michigan have decriminalized marijuana?
  • What does decriminalized mean?
  • Does that mean I can possess or use marihuana in these areas?
  • What happens when you are not in one of those areas, meaning what are the consequences if caught illegal possessing, using, delivering or manufacturing marihuana?
  • Can an officer search my home for my marijuana?
  • When can an officer search your vehicle?
  • What can I do if I obtain a Michigan medical marihuana card?
  • How do I transport my medical marijuana?
  • What is usable marijuana?
  • Can I grow my own marijuana?
  • Can I use marijuana recreationally?
  • What is crime driving under the influence of marijuana?
  • What about driving and medical marijuana?
  • Can I smoke in public?
  • What is an enclosed locked facility?
  • How do you transport marihuana plants.

Medical Marihuana Defense: Fighting To Maintain Your Right to SMOKING CAREFREE

Medical Marijuana “No-No’s”: REMEMBER: MCL 333.26427(b):

The MMMA DOES NOT allow an individual to:

  • undertake any task under the influence of marihuana, when doing so would constitute negligence or professional malpractice;
  • possess marihuana, or otherwise engage in the medical use of marihuana in a school bus, on the ground of any preschool [primary or secondary school], in any correctional facility;
  • smoke marihuana on any form of public transportation or in any public place; operate, navigate, or be in actual physical control of any motor vehicle, aircraft, or motorboat while under the influence of marihuana; or
  • use marihuana if that person does not have a serious or debilitating medical condition.

If you have your medical marihuana card then make sure you are performing acts that will allow you to continue to keep that card. Knowing the law, maintaining your rights, and lawyering-up when charged with a crime is the best way to have a positive outcome. The medical marihuana law here in the State of Michigan has been in constant flux and change over the years, which is bound to continue.

Even though the law has become clearer, a cloud of smoke still remains and continues to cover certain acts and situations. This in-turn influences what you are able to do or not do with your medical marihuana card. Add in the fact that more and more areas are decriminalizing marijuana, and knowing what you can and cannot do becomes even more difficult. Know the law, maintain your rights, and lawyer-up.

Josh Jones is the Michigan Marihuana Lawyer, and he has your back.

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