Michigan Recreational Marijuana Law allows for the possession, use, cultivation and sale of marijuana by those 21-years or older within certain limits and restrictions. An individual will be limited to the amount they may possess and cultivate based on location and statute. Moreover, individuals will not be allowed to possess or use marijuana in certain public places, such as schools, preschools, and other areas enumerated by law. It is worth noting at this point that the Federal law still does not allow for the possession, use or cultivation of marijuana, even when a State has legalized the substance. However, with that said, recreational marijuana is not legal in Michigan.

Individuals will not be allowed to drive under the influence of marijuana, which will be controlled by the traditional drunk driving laws in Michigan. If an individual is otherwise found in violation, they will generally be charged with a civil infraction or misdemeanor depending upon the circumstances of the case. There are also limits on the amount of marijuana concentrate that an individual will be able to possess. The biggest difference between the marijuana recreational law and the medical marijuana law will be the amounts of product and plants that an individual can possess at any given time. The medical law could potentially allow for more marijuana and marijuana plants per individual.

Moreover, and in the future, the commercialization of marijuana will appear in Michigan, but the current date is unknown. The licensing that will oversee the commercialization of marijuana will be controlled by the State’s Licensing Department. There will likely be many similarities between the recreational shops and med shops that are already set up when speaking in terms of tracking marijuana and licensing. However, they will be different, as they are controlled by different statutes.

The use and possession of industrial hemp will also is legalized. This also allows for the legalization of cultivating and selling industrial hemp, but industrial hemp will be overseen by the licensing department. There will be limits on the amount of THC that is required in order for it to be considered industrial hemp. This means that any amount of THC greater than the limit will likely be considered marijuana.

Whenever you are dealing with marijuana here in Michigan it is still best to be safe than sorry. Marijuana may be legal recreationally and medically; however, punishments can still ensue. Moreover, laws that supplement the new recreational law can also occur. This has happened with the medical marihuana laws in the past. Therefore, you should always make sure you know the law, maintain your rights, and lawyer-up.