Marijuana is now legal for recreational use, possession, sale, and cultivation in Michigan. So what does an individual have to worry about when it comes to marijuana? There are numerous activities that the recreational laws do not allow for an individual to engage in.

Marijuana, Drunk Driving Services

The primary concern for any individual prior to the use, possession or possession of marijuana, is that they be at least 21-years or older. Moreover, if using the substance, an individual can be put in a position where they are charged or convicted of drunk driving here in Michigan. The legalizing of recreational marijuana does not allow for an individual to operate a motor vehicle if they are under the influence of the substance. It will be interesting to see the development of police officers when engaging in arrests for the position of marijuana, drunk driving.

Marijuana Civil Infractions & Misdemeanors

Moreover, individuals must be aware, that there are limits to how much marijuana an individual can possess at any given time. The limits vary depending on where the individual is and what form of marijuana the individual is possessing. Moreover, there will be a limit on the number of marijuana plants an individual can cultivate or grow. If an individual is found in violation of these limits, other areas of the recreational law, or selling or distributing marijuana without a license civil infractions and possible misdemeanor charges could ensue.

Medical Marihuana

Everything above has discussed the Michigan recreational marijuana laws that have been enacted by the people in 2018. That act maintained and kept the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) standing law. This means that the protections and rights granted by the MMMA are still available to Michigan residents. This allows for different allowances when discussing THC content, possession amount, plant amounts, and distributing or selling marijuana. In the end, the two laws will supplement each other.

Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp will be allowed to be sold, cultivated, and possessed here in Michigan. However, the regulation of such activities will be controlled and regulated by the Michigan Licensing Department. Until they act and enact rules and guidelines on industrial hemp activities, it should not be performed unless otherwise provided for by law.

Marijuana & Federal Laws

There is still a conflict with the Federal laws and marijuana use, possession and cultivation. This becomes even more apparent when we discuss the fact that Michigan has recreational marijuana and medical marijuana law in place. However, this does not negate that fact that currently, marijuana activities are illegal under Federal law. Therefore, individuals can still be charged federally for marijuana activities and acts.

Whenever you are engaged in marijuana acts you should always ensure that you know the limits of those acts. As the Michigan recreational marijuana law becomes more mature, many more answers will be provided. Moreover, there are still the protections afforded by the MMMA, which provide a different segment for marijuana use, cultivation, and possession. Regardless of the situation, know the law, maintain your rights, and lawyer-up whenever you are charged with any criminal or civil infraction or crime.